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Career Opportunities In Digital Marketing

Career Opportunities In Digital Marketing

The world we live in is changing as we speak, it is estimated that by 2020 every company will have an online presence. This directly implies the growth of opportunities for those who want to explore career opportunities in digital marketing. Even companies that are currently operating in the traditional realm will move into digital as the millennial generation will no longer be satisfied with information that is thrown at them via traditional marketing methods.

Career Opportunities In Digital Marketing

Major Roles While Exploring Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

For someone who is looking for career opportunities in digital marketing, it is important to understand the job market as well as the scope digital marketing holds in terms of building a future. Let us now discuss the job roles in depth which would help you decide your career path.

Digital Marketing Manager or Creative Director – Digital:

This could easily be one of the senior roles as well as a high paying position in digital marketing. An experience of over 7 years would be the minimum requirement for most vacancies of this sort in the current scenario. The job role would require you to be responsible for developing strategies and building brands, either in the company you work for or the clients you manage while working in an agency.

Web Designer/Developer

If you choose to be a web designer or developer when opting for a career in digital marketing, your hands would be responsible for shaping beautiful websites that successfully marry user experience, branding as well as online business promotion. This particular role requires you to learn designing, coding etc.

Social Media Executive/Manager

As a social media executive, you would be required to be in charge of social media trends and strategize campaigns based on what you learn from the updates that industry posts. This job role would also require you to be abreast with the changes in the industry, handle and tailor campaigns on social media by coordinating with the content team and the client servicing team regularly.

Search Engine Optimization Executive/Expert

While being an SEO executive, your primary role would be to help websites rank number one on Google when someone searches for a relevant keyword. You would be responsible to generate organic traffic  and improve the online presence of a website while ensuring that the website is retained in a search friendly manner, content optimized based on keyword research and competitor analysis.

SEM/PPC Expert

Whilst being in this role, you would be in charge of promoting various brands and their offerings through various methods like search, display and other forms like remarketing etc. There is a huge demand for experts in search engine marketing and pay per click advertising and the job opportunities in this field are immense for anyone who wants to build a career in digital marketing.

Content Marketing Expert

Content is always the king and its significance will never reduce, even in the wake of digital marketing. Anybody with a sound language and technical skills to keep generating and promoting content on relevant platforms can do a good job in content marketing. Creativity, a good grip on the language as well as passion is all you need to become an ace in content marketing.

Other roles available for someone opting for a career in digital marketing include, Analytics Manager, CRM Manager, Email Marketing Manager, E-Commerce Manager, Digital Agency Account Director etc.

To know more about the skills required for a career in digital marketing, read this article.

Key Highlights

  • Digital Marketing Manager or Creative Director
  • Web Designer/Developer
  • Social Media Executive/Manager
  • Search Engine Optimization Executive/Expert
  • SEM/PPC Expert
  • Content Marketing Expert

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