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What Is Digital Marketing

How do you define digital marketing?

The millennials are very tech savvy and spend most of their waking hours on the Internet. They are always on a lookout for interesting content. Therefore, it has become the need of the hour for a business irrespective of its size (Small, Medium and Large) to have a website and let the netizens know about its online presence.

What is digital marketing?

To put it in simple terms, online marketing of your product and services is known as digital marketing.You could say, digital marketing is a huge umbrella which leverages various digital
channels such as email, search engines, social media and the business websites to understand its current and prospective customers.

Who is a digital marketeer?

A professional who indulges in digital marketing is known as a digital marketer. A digital marketer will understand the pulse of the market by performing market research, increase the online presence of a business by integrating its online profiles and various digital platforms. Enrolling in a digital marketing course gives you a better perspective of the profile of a digital marketer.

How does a digital marketer connect with audiences?

A digital marketer would reach out to the audience and interacts with them through various devices and platforms. Let’s take a quick look at the 5Ds of digital marketing that a digital marketer uses to connect with the customers and prospects. These are also used by the consumers to communicate with the brand.

1. Digital devices​ – The consumers connect with a brand through a combination of devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, televisions and even gaming devices. Therefore, a digital marketing team have to design tactics for each of the devices to interact with the audiences.

2. Digital platforms​ – Some of the digital platforms that both the consumers and digital marketers use to interact on the digital devices include LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat and more.

3. Digital media​ – Digital marketers reach out to the audiences by engaging them in interesting content through advertisements, social networks, messaging and email marketing. They use earned, paid, and owned digital communication channels to reach out to their consumers.

4. Digital data​ – Digital marketers collect insights about their audience to analyse and understand what their consumers’ likes, dislikes and preferences are.

5. Digital technology​ – A business harnesses uses internet technology to create interactive experiences for their customers. The customers who visit the website can click on the chat button to interact with a customer support personnel. Similarly, the mobile applications can be downloaded on the mobile devices.

If you are keen on becoming a digital marketeer, consider enrolling for a digital marketing course with a reputed institute. Here you will be taught a bouquet of subjects and this will give you an insight to specialize in a specific area of digital marketing that interests you.

Key Highlights

  • Ability to reach billions of users using just your laptop and some skills of Digital Marketing
  • A Digital Marketer will understand the pulse of the market by performing market research
  • Enrolling a Digital Marketing course will gives you a better profile of a Digital Marketer

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